X-MEN Origins: Wolverine was a fucking travesty. I've never been so offended by a movie. And I'm not saying there were 12 scenes of skull fucking and 3 scenes of bestiality (although it may have come close when Wolverine and Sabertooth were fighting). It was offensive because this steaming pile of garbage exists, cost money to make, and people got paid to put it together. Which I'm assuming was in some drug addled, borderline comatose state. Seriously, don't see this movie, don't even download this movie. It doesn't deserve to waste your bandwidth. If you'd like further details as to how bad this fucking rape fest of a film was, just say something in the comment section and I'll gladly oblige.

P.S. I would rather have been raped by demons in the deepest bowels of hell while listening to Shania Twain while watching my family and friends be torn limb from limb than sit through this terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible (did I say FUCKING TERRIBLE?!) film. This may be the worst movie committed to film.


David Jackson said...

lol, nice.

Chrononaut Creative said...

@David Jackson:

And it's true man! The fucking movie ruined my life. DON'T SEE IT!

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